Horoscope 29 April 2017









(March 21 – April 20)

You are advised to think carefully over the next 48 hours before starting a new plan or project. Try not to commit yourself to anything that might require you to give more of yourself than you have actually got. Even an Aries has limits.


(April 21 – May 21)

Those who say you lack imagination will be forced to admit that there is more going on inside your skull than they gave you credit for. Ideas will come thick and fast this weekend. Your principal goal must be to find ways to make them pay.


(May 22 – June 21)

Don’t waste time trying to change other people’s attitudes and viewpoints. They believe what they believe and no amount of badgering on your part will get them to change their ways. There is room in the world for all shades of opinion.


(June 22 – July 23)

It may seem as if your big chance has passed you by but it isn’t true. Keep pushing and keep trying and sooner or later you will make the breakthrough you have been dreaming of. You are almost there – don’t give up on yourself now.


(July 24 – Aug. 23)

Do friends and colleagues approve of what you are doing? Maybe they do and maybe they don’t, but why should you care? The only thing that matters is that you are happy with the direction in which your life is moving – their opinions are of no concern.


(Aug. 24 – Sept. 23)

It’s good to be resolute but you don’t have to be ruthless. You need to tailor your response according to who and what you are dealing with this weekend. Some people need to be knocked into shape, while others respond best to a lighter touch.


(Sept. 24 – Oct. 23)

Keep lines of communication open over the next 48 hours, because the less you talk to people now the harder it will be to work together later on. As a Libra – the sign of relationships – you should know that going it alone is rarely a serious option.


(Oct. 24 – Nov. 22)

You need to let certain people know that you cannot be there for them all the time. If they ask too much of you over the next 48 hours you must tell them, in words of as few syllables as possible, that you will not be bullied or bribed.


(Nov. 23 – Dec. 21)

Something you have been hoping for will become a reality in your life over the next two or three days and to say you will be delighted is a massive understatement. Anything is possible if you want it enough, so let yourself dream.


(Dec. 22 – Jan. 20)

A showdown of some kind is likely, but in a way that’s good because the bad feeling that has been building up in recent weeks needs to be dealt with. Let others know that you are prepared to meet them halfway but it has to be a genuine halfway.


(Jan. 21 – Feb. 19)

The time has come to put negative thoughts out of your mind and enjoy the good things that life has to offer with a clear conscience. Don’t take anything too seriously this weekend. Have fun with your friends. You’ll feel better for it.


(Feb. 20 – Mar. 20)

Money and possessions are important but not nearly as important as friendship and love. This may not be an easy time for you financially but if you share your concerns with family and friends this weekend your situation won’t look so bad.