This is how racism started

At the cemetery

A man is standing at a grave, staring at the head stone. A second man walks up and asks, “Is this someone you knew?” The first guy says, “Yes, it was my wife.” The second guy says, “It must be hard to lose a wife.” The first guys replies, “Yep, damn near impossible.”

Despre Titanic

Tiganii si Halloweenul

Tiganii nu sarbatoresc Halloweenul, pe ei ii ia cu lesin cand vad mascatii !


A husband says to his wife, “I bet you can’t tell me something that will make me both happy and sad at the same time.” The wife thinks about it for a few moments and replies, “Your dick is bigger than your brothers.”

Classified ad

A man put out a classified ad that read, “Wife wanted.” The next day he received a hundred responses all saying the same thing: “You can have mine.”


M-am gandit destul de mult ce sa-i iau sotului meu de ziua lui.
Mi-am luat bilet in Maldive, sa se odihneasca si el, saracul!

Halloween Office Party – BRomania (Video)


Intalnirea – LikeOne (Video)

HALLOWEEN – BRomania (Video)


“Babe is it in?”
“Yea.” “Does it hurt?”
“Uh huh.”
“Let me put it in slowly.”
“It still hurts.”
“Okay, let’s try another shoe size.”

Mod de a gâdila

Cum gâdili o femeie fiţoasă ?

– Gucci, Gucci, Gucci …

Bula si nevasta-sa

Bula este batut de nevasta-sa si se ascunde sub pat.

-Bula, iesi de acolo!

-Nu ies!

-Iesi afara imediat!!!

-Auzi femeie, cine este barbatul in casa asta? Daca am zis ca nu ies, nu ies si gata!!!

In aceasta noapte se da ceasul inapoi